Nokia Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale Review

Nokia, the globally renowned tech company, launched two new health devices and rebranded existing once when it acquired the health tech company Withings. One of the rebranded devices is the Nokia Body +, formerly Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50, a body composition smart bathroom scale that connects to your device or home network via Wi-Fi. There are two other devices in this series that you may be interested in knowing more about – the most basic Nokia Body scale and the more advanced Nokia Body Cardio scale.

In this review, we will focus on the specific details, features, and qualities of the Nokia Body+ body composition Wi-Fi scale.

Selling Points

The Nokia Body+ body composition Wi-Fi scale does just what its name says – monitoring full body composition including body fat and body water percentage, bone and muscle mass, and bod weight in kilograms and pounds. Nokia markets this smart bathroom scale alongside the accompanying Health Mate application that the user downloads and installs on their smartphone or tablet for automatic stats synchronization and analysis.

One thing that the Nokia Body+ smart scale claims to have that other scales do not is an accurate nutrition tracking feature. This allows the user to set weight and fitness goals and use the Health Mate app and the scale to pursue them by managing their daily calorie budget. Besides these, the other top selling points of the scale are the daily weather forecast feature and its support for up to 8 different users.

Design and Build

The brand name Nokia is synonymous with high quality of build and durability in the tech arena; the company is apparently reinforcing the design principles that made it what it is in the design of the Nokia Body+ bathroom scale. These include the high-strength tempered glass platform that gives the device its premium appeal and the black-silver and white-silver color combinations guaranteed to complement any bathroom décor.

The Body+ scale measures 12.8 x 12.8 inches and is just 23mm thick, a clear improvement in design technology form the chunky analogue scales still available in the market. On the front-facing end, it has a 2.75 x 1.75 inch display with bright LED lettering and numbers that are easy to read and on the rear end a familiar Nokia logo.

Core Features

Here are the core features of the Nokia Body plus body composition Wi-Fi bathroom scale:

High-accuracy measuring of body stats: The top feature of the The Nokia Body+ is that it measures six different body metrics: the body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water percentage, and bone mass. With its patented Position Control Technology, the scale records highly precise measurements, ensuring that the stats synced to the user device provide the most accurate picture of his/her health and physical status.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple devices: The user can connect their Android or IOS device to the Nokia Body+ body composition Wi-Fi scale via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. The scale connects easily to as many as 8 devices for multiple users in the family.

Nokia Health Mate: Some users may find that the Nokia Health Mate app is the greatest selling feature of the company’s smart scales because of its clean and intuitive design and comprehensive charting and reporting of user stats. The app, which the company regularly updates, features algorithms that help the user find patterns and progress trends on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual bases and to manage their regimens based on set goals. The app also features nutrition and activity tracking features that provide invaluable information to the user.

Compatibility with 3rd-party apps: If you would rather not use the Nokia Health Mate application, you have the option to link your Nokia Body+ smart scale with a third-party application such as MyFitnessPal or the Apple Health app. The scale will then sync the stats it captures with your Apple or Android device for the third-party application to capture, compute, analyze, and report as per your preferences.

Convenient clear display: The LED display on the Nokia Body+ scale is an invaluable feature that can display charts and trends – for as far back as 8 weigh-ins per user. The small display can be configured in the app to display the measured statistics such as weight, BMI, body fat percentage, or if the user has an activity tracker with pedometer, steps taken. This display helps spontaneous users see the big picture of their weight loss or the progress of their fitness regimen and encourage them to keep going.

Visually appealing design: The Nokia Body+ smart scale is a great addition to the décor of any modern bathroom – not just for its functionality, but for its aesthetic appeal as well.

Customer Reviews

Here is a summary of the top pros and cons of the Nokia Body+ body composition scale based on customer reviews:


9 Total Score

The Nokia Body+ body composition scale comes in two color variants: white and black. Both are sleek, attractive, and will complement the décor of your bathroom. If you simply want a scale that does the basic but fits well with the beauty and aesthetics of your bathroom, you may want to consider the basic Nokia Body smart scale without the advanced features of the Nokia Body+. Individuals who are serious about pursuing their weight loss and fitness goals and need a dependable gadget that seamlessly records their daily physical metrics will find the Nokia Body+ a must-have bathroom accessory.

  • Attractive sleek and modern design and stable and durable build.
  • Easy to set up (connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and to use.
  • A clean, intuitive and feature-filled Android and IOS application.
  • Compatibility with multiple third-party applications including Apple Health app and MyFitnessPal.
  • Clear display that despite its small size, can plot graphs and display stored records that go as far as 8 measurements back.
  • Pricier than the competition with similar features and capabilities.
  • Users report that the BMI reading may be inconsistent at times.
  • Poor customer support from Nokia.
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