Top 3 Wi-Fi Scales that Work with Apple Health App

So you took the bold step of investing in an Apple Watch, and it is all set up to sync up all your tracked activities, heart rates, and sleep records? That is a major step towards automating your workout and fitness regimen. The next step is to invest in a smart Wi-Fi scale that makes it convenient for you to sync the rest of the data that the Apple Health app needs to accurately and comprehensively compute your physical and health status – body weight and how it changes over time, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat, and bone and muscle density among others.

There are a handful of smart scales in the market that are compatible with the Apple Health app. However, the most ideal for you depends on its features, quality of build, and ease of use among others. Here is a brief review of the top three Wi-Fi scales that work with the Apple Health app.


Qardio, the company that manufactures and distributes the Qardiobase smart bathroom scale works with healthcare providers, doctors, and patients to create a range of products focused on promoting and maintaining good heart-related health. This smart scale, when used with the Apple Health app, does just that. It is a full-body composition smart scale with a minimalistic modern design and a solid base for superior stability on any floor surface.

The Qardiobase smart scale features next-generation sensor systems for measuring body weight and analyzing body composition including body fat, it is easy to set up, and can be used by up to 8 users simultaneously. On its surface, it has a smiley/sad face that instantly lets the user know whether they are making progress towards their goal or not. This scale connects to the iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for seamless syncing of stats.

iHealth Lite and iHealth Core

The iHealth Lite and Core wireless smart scales are manufactured by iHealth Labs, a company famous for its line of health products that include body analysis scales, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, and activity trackers among others. The iHealth Lite smart scale measures body weight as well as BMI and features tools to help the user track and share their health stats, set fitness goals, and track progress towards them over time. If you would like a smart scale that measures more than just weight and BMI, you may want to consider the iHealth Core which features full body composition tracking functionality.

Out of the box, the iHealth Lite and iHealth Core are sleek minimalistic modern gadget with a backlit display that automatically adjust to suit the room brightness. Unlike most smart scales, they supports unlimited users and can take and sync as many as 200 readings with the Apple Health app via Bluetooth.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

While the Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale can measure weight and sync the data with an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple Health app device, it is not your typical smart scale. The selling point of this new device is its patented Position Control technology that boosts the accuracy of the stats it measures. This is also the first smart scale in the market that can measure Pulse Wave Velocity and sync the statistics with Apple Health app for computation and charting. Other metrics it measures are bone and muscle mass, total body water percentage, body weight, and body fat percentage.

The smart scale can be used by up to 8 users, including babies, and syncs the data it records with the Apple Health app on an IOS device via Bluetooth or directly on the cloud when Wi-Fi is configured. The inbuilt tools and features make it easy for the user to set a weight goal and manage daily calorie budget

Design-wise, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer bathroom scale is a sleek and beautiful scale that comes in black and white. It features a LED display screen capable of plotting a simple but clear chart of progress in weight management and other details.


These three smart scale options from reputable companies are compatible with Apple’s Health app. If you want to seamlessly integrate your weight and body wellness data into your fitness regimen, one of these smart scales will get the job done.