1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

When it comes to fitness and staying healthy, how you feel about your body and your weight is not all that you need to pay close attention to. As a matter of fact, your body weight reveals very little about your current health condition. Modern devices that reveal a lot more details including your muscle and bone mass, water content in the body, and body fat percentage will help you understand your health status with more accuracy.

A traditional bathroom weight scale just isn’t good enough to reveal these vital body stats. The 1byone Bluetooth wireless bathroom scale is a smart tool that you need not only to capture such details, but also to seamlessly sync them with your Android o IOS device for analysis, charting, and sharing.


Selling Points

The 1byone smart bathroom scale is marketed to individuals who are concerned about their fitness, health status, and body weight in particular. This scale is a quintessential bathroom accessory that is designed and built for you if you wish to capture your physical and health stats conveniently and accurately daily, and to synchronize them with your device to analyze and act upon them.

The best thing about the 1byone Bluetooth wireless visceral scale is that it is a comprehensive body composition scale that captures up to 8 metrics of your body: bone mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), visceral fat, body fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), muscle mass, water content in the body, and of course, body weight.

Design and Build

Most people who have reviewed the 1byone wireless bathroom visceral scale say they chose it the first time largely because of its simple yet modernly sleek design, which makes it ideal for placement in a modern bathroom. It has an impact-resistant tempered glass top surface which makes it not only visually appealing but also strong and long lasting.

The scale also features a large and clearly visible 3.3 inch LED display screen that makes reading values in real-time a breeze. The scale is sturdy, compact, and can support up to 180kg or 400lbs weight. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 to easily connect and sync stats with an Android 4.3 or IOS 8.0 or newer devices.

Core Features

State-of-the-art sensors and technology: The most important feature to look at when choosing any smart gadget, not just limited to bathroom scales, is the in-built technology. On this front, the 1byone Bluetooth Wireless bathroom scale wins because it is equipped with ultramodern BIA technology that incorporates 4 sensors that measure user health parameters with high accuracy. Its stand-on technology means that the user never has to worry about turning it on because the scale can detect bare feet and take the measurements appropriately.

User auto-recognition: The 1byone bathroom scale supports up to 10 concurrent users in a family and can detect each user automatically when they step on it. The four high-precision sensors it is equipped with facilitate high-accuracy reading which the scale use to determine who the user is and display health starts or initiate syncing with the right device.

Wide range of metrics: Unlike most modern bathroom scales on the market, the 1byone smart bathroom scale measures up to 8 metrics using the inbuilt BIA technology sensors. These are: body weight, body fat, visceral fat, body water, muscle mass, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, and bone mass.

Detailed Wellness App: The 1byone scale syncs the body statistics it records via Bluetooth to a paired smartphone or tablet running Android or IOS. The Wellness App that the user downloads to the device is an exciting feature that truly demonstrates the power of the smart scale. The app will analyze and compute the data to present the user with easy-to-digest visual statistics and reports. The user can then save, share, or use the data to set goals and motivate him/herself to achieve fitness and health goals.

Ease of use: Before you can use the 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, you will need to download the accompanying Wellness app from the Apple or Android app stores or install a compatible third-party app on your device. The Wellness app, in particular, details all the steps the user needs to take to set up the body fat scale, and essential tips on how to use it. The user can follow step-by-step instructions to set up a profile with basic data such as activity level, age, and gender.

Compatibility with third-party apps: If you would rather not use the Wellness App provided by 1byone on your iPhone, this scale is compatible with the Apple Health app that you can use in its stead.

Customer Reviews

The 1byone Smart Wireless Body fat scale has grown to become an essential accessory in the bathroom of many shoppers. Most have given it the highest rating for its impressive price tag, level of accuracy of its readings, and quality of build. A few users have however expressed disappointment with the user interface and design of the accompanying Wellness app, but in general, the scale delivers on what it promises.

Here is a summary of a few pros and cons based on customer reviews.


8.5 Total Score
Great Value

As you shop for a smart bathroom scale, it is important that you consider the quality and range of features of a scale vis-à-vis its price tag. The 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale has won many accolades from users who have tried it, not only because of its affordable pricing but also because of the number of metrics it measures and their accuracy. This puts the 1byone Digital Smart Scale on a league of its own – especially in comparison with other popular and often more costly body composition monitors in the market.

  • Sleek and modern design with a large highly visible LED display.
  • The scale comes with a comprehensive user instruction manual.
  • Connects to Android or IOS device via high-speed Bluetooth 4.0.
  • When used properly, the 1byone scale provides consistent readings.
  • Good quality/price ratio.
  • Glass top can get very slippery when stepped on with bare wet feet.
  • The scale does not sync with Fitbit and other popular third-party applications.
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