Nokia Body Wi-Fi Scale Review

Whether you are trying to lose some weight to get in shape for the summer or you are a fitness enthusiast concerned about your muscle mass, weighing yourself every day to know your calorie gains or losses should be a vital part of your fitness regimen. Luckily, the days of setting an alarm to remind you to weigh yourself, then enter the data manually onto a phone or notebook are gone; with smart bathroom scales such as the Nokia Body, the entire process of taking your measurements, uploading to your phone or tablet for analysis and charting, and figuring out whether the trend is going your way is fully automated.

The Nokia Body Wi-Fi bathroom scale, rebranded from Withings Body when Nokia acquired its manufacturing company, is designed for the modern bathroom and has all the features you would expect a smart scale to have. This scale is the most basic in a line of three Nokia bathroom scales – the others being the Nokia Body+ and the Body Cardio. Read on to discover what makes this scale suitable or unsuitable for you.

Selling Points

The Nokia Body Wi-Fi scale black or white is the most affordable of the three scales in the family, but it comes with only the most important features – without the whistles and bells that make the Body+ and Body Cardio quite costly. This means when you buy this scale, you will not get the Pulse Wave Velocity metric measurement of the Body Cardio or the composition analysis of fat percentage, bone density, or muscle mass of the Body +.

Still, the Nokia Body smart scale is a solidly built connected scale that takes a range of physical measurements including body weight and the Body Mass Index (BMI) without hurting your wallet. It then syncs the data with an Android or IOS device or with other compatible connected health devices as well as other third-party health apps besides Nokia’s own free Health Mate app.

Design & Build

Withings was a little-known health devices company when it ventured into the smart bathroom scales business, but the impressive designs and quality build of their devices quickly propelled them to fame. Nokia, a company renowned for its high quality and durable mobile devices, took notice of the Withings’ design principles and acquired it. The Nokia Body bathroom scale is defined by its high-strength tempered glass top which gives it a premium classy appeal.

The Nokia Body Wi-Fi bathroom scale is just 25mm thick and has a decent-sized LED display at its top front half to accentuate its appearance and show the user current readings. At its bottom are four detachable feet that can be easily screwed on if the scale is to be used on a carpeted surface. The scale comes in two color variants – black and white, both of which are beautifully designed and made to enhance the décor of any modern bathroom.

Core Features

High precision measuring: The Nokia Body smart Wi-Fi scale uses revolutionary Position Control Technology to deliver highly precise weight and body mass index (BMI) measurements accurate to 90 grams (0.2 pounds). This technology makes it possible for the user to know even the slightest change in their physical status, an important factor for daily measuring and tracking.

Low pricing: Because this bathroom scale does not come with all the unnecessary features and tools that often cost a lot yet basic users do not need, its price is very low. Customers paying for the Nokia Body scale simply to track their weight and BMI get a great deal for its design, quality of build, and connectivity and syncing features.

Automatic recognition and multiple user support: Like other Nokia scales, the Body smart scale supports up to 8 users concurrently – a great feature for use in a family environment. The best part is that it is equipped with an automatic user recognition feature that detects the user based on weight and syncs the recorded data with the appropriate liked account.

Powerful Nokia Health app: The Nokia Body Wi-Fi scale primarily links to and syncs user stats to a Nokia Health mate account that must be set up on a device running Android or IOS. This app brings some powerful analysis and charting features for weight and BMI measurements to make it easy to understand weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly patterns. This app also integrates data captured from other Nokia or Withings devices.

Support for third-party apps and devices: Perhaps one of the top features of Nokia’s scales, including the Nokia Body bathroom scale, is that the data they record can be synced to third-party applications including Apple Health app and the popular MyFitnessPal app. The Nokia Health Mate app can even use IFTTT integration which can be used to upload Health Mate data to other devices’ profiles such as Fitbit. Nokia claims that the scale can be paired with over 100 health and fitness apps.

Support for special modes and personal planner: With an in-built weather report feature, the Nokia Body smart scale can help the user plan the activities and nutrition of the day with ease. The scale also features special use modes such as during pregnancy to easily and accurately track unexpected weight gain.

Trendy design: Finally, the design and quality of build of the Nokia Body Wi-Fi scale is one of the top reasons it has grown to become a bestseller. Available in black and white, and considering its support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, the scale is optimized for all kinds of users and for use in any household environment.

Bottom Line

If you are shopping for a simple attractive, smart, and connected scale and do not have the luxury to waste money on advanced features, then the Nokia Body scale is the right choice for you. The sleek design, the quality of build, and the fact that it works with a myriad of applications available for free on the app store are reasons enough to give this smart bathroom scale a try.

8 Total Score
Simple attractive, smart, and connected scale

  • Attractive and classy design and solid build.
  • The scale is easy to set up and use.
  • Clean and approachable user-friendly Nokia Health Mate app.
  • Compatibility with hundreds of third-party health apps and devices.
  • It can only measure body weight and BMI.
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